Minie' Ball Pipe Special Limited Edition

Gettysburg 150th Anniversary

Price $129.95

Minie' Ball Pipe - A design inspired by the Minie' Ball Bullet

A French Captain, Claude Minie', came up with the new solution of a bullet that expanded after it was loaded. The Minie' bullet changed the face of warfare forever. For the first time in history, infantrymen could aim their weapons at a target from a fair distance and actually have a chance of hitting their target.

During the Civil War, the Minie' Ball Bullet was a major cause of so many casualties. The single worst slaughter occurred on July 3rd 1863, 150 years ago, just outside a village called Gettysburg. Our store is just down the road  - 21 miles from this site.

Each Minie' Ball Pipe will be slightly different than pictured in photos

Beautifully hand-crafted Minie Ball Pipe with deep double rings.

Deep 2 ring.
Long hard rubber (vulcanite) bit.

For the finishing touch, J.M. has hand inscribed his initials into the briar bowl.

J.M.B. 2013

Smoking becomes a Relaxing Art with a Boswell

Proudly made in the United States of America

Along with your Boswell pipe, you will receive one ounce of your choice of a Boswell Blend. Please look over the Boswell Blends and their descriptions listed on our TOBACCO BLENDS page.

In the creation of these exquisite smoking pipes, we use the finest quality aged briar - "cream of the crop" is what the proprietor of the mill calls it.

Boswell pipes have their own spe
cial bowl coating for easy break-in. J.M. has used his special coating for Boswell pipes for the past 30 years. 100% natural coating, which will force the wood to absorb the moisture and heat.
Puff, Smile, and Repeat :)

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