We carry a wide assortment of products to care for, clean, and enhance the enjoyment of your Boswell pipe. 

Long Churchwarden Cleaners  12-1/8" Long  2.39

Nylon Bristle Shank Brush  6-1/4" Long    .99

Durable and reusable for cleaning your shank


100 Extra Long Tapered - 2.39

Standard size  -100  Pipe Cleaners - 2.39

Extra Thick Pipe Cleaners - 2.39



Extra Long Tapered Bristled Pipe Cleaners -2.39  

Regular Bristled Pipe Cleaners - 2.39

Clean & Cure -   2.95   2oz

  Button Moistener  .99 - Set in cold water for a few minutes to absorb moisture, then place in jar or pouch.    

Soft Rubber Pipe Bits  - .50 each (no longer available in 2packs)

Many of our customers use these to protect their bits from teeth marks. Also easier to grip their pipe with.


Pipe Tools

 3 in 1 pipe tools, 3 1/2 " long

Stainless - 6.95

Wooden insert -8.95

Multi-colored Wooden Insert - 15.95 (SOLD OUT)

Pipe Knocker - has self adhesive on bottom   3.99  

3 way Czech pipe tool - 1.95 -opens up to a pick, scoop and tamper

Pipe Nail  .99  



Wind Caps 2.79

Removable; fits most average sized pipes.


Large Roll Up With Sifter   5.95 & up-  Old style pouch that many will remember their Grandfather keeping his tobacco in. It holds a large amount of tobacco. Has the sifter that separates your tobacco from the fine bits of tobacco so they do not end up in your pipe.  Folds 3 times Measures 14" x 6 "unfolded    



Pipe Reamer  31.95

The Professional Pipe Reamer for pipe smokers.  All stainless steel. Heavy duty just like the older ones from the 70’s which J.M. and Dan use here in our shop. Expandable reamer to adjust to nearly any size pipe bowl. The handle houses a removable drill bit which is perfectly sized for cleaning the shank as well (shown in photo).  Box not included.

Brown plastic pipe rest - 1.89

(pipe not included)

Convenient pipe rest for most of our classic size pipes.

Folds flat.

Easily to carry along in your pipe bag

Pipe Tools - 9.95 & up (call for details)

Boswell Cap - 5.95

Available in white. (Currently we are sold out of Black)


Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipes

"Country Gentleman" style

Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes

9 3/4 in. long, 4 in. tall

6 in. long, 2in tall

Bent or straight stem.


Bent or straight stem styles


New!!! Missouri Meerschaum  $23.60